Academic Governance

The functions of the Academic Board were identified in its first meeting held 14 September 1995. They are reproduced below:

Item No.1: Identification of the functions of the Academic Board as per IBA Act 1994.

It was pointed out that the intent of the IBA Act 1994 is to make the Academic Board of IBA an independent body. Therefore, the Academic Board will be responsible for all academic matters and shall perform the following functions:

  1. to deal with all academic matters except the financial matters which will be referred to the Board of Governors for their approval;
  2. to regulate the conduct of teaching, research and examinations;
  3. to consider or formulate proposals for the planning and development of teaching and research in the Institute;
  4. to make regulations prescribing the courses of studies, the syllabi and the outlines of tests for all examinations of the Institute;
  5. to regulate the award of studentships, scholarships, exhibitions, medals and prizes;
  6. to appoint members to the various committees including the Curriculum Development Committee, the Equivalence Committee, and the Affiliation Committee;
  7. to approve curricula and syllabi for all degree, diploma and certificate courses in the subject or subjects concerned;
  8. to appoint supervisors for research students and to determine the subjects of theses;
  9. to approve a panel of paper setters and examiners in the subject or subjects wherever necessary; and
  10. to perform such other functions as may be prescribed by the Board of Governors.

Source: First Meeting of the Academic Board, held 14 September 1995, Item 1

URL: http://iba3/BOG-Meetings/Acad_Board/acadmeeting14sept.pdf

Keywords: Functions of the Academic Board, Governance