Add - Drop Week

The Add/Drop week starts with the commencement of the semester and runs for one week, during which students may add/drop courses with fee reimbursement provision.For the Summer Semester the add/drop period with fee reimbursement is within the first four calendar days of the semester. During the Add/Drop week, students are allowed to attend classes to choose the particular teacher and section that they are comfortable with. However, this week is considered the first week of the semester and the teachers conduct the classes and take attendances as usual. Any absence from the classes held in the Add/Drop week is considered a real one and counted towards the total number of absence allowed to the students during the semester. The attendance for this week is however transferable. No change in the schedule or time tables is allowed during the Add/Drop week. After the commencement of the regular semester, the teachers and the students may find it convenient to change the class time table with mutual consent. They may do so only with the permission of the chairpersons and the MBA program director.

Source: PD-02 (SOP issued by Dr. Nasir Afghan, April 29, 2010)

Keywords: Registration, Add- Drop Week, Attendance