Advance Credits

I. Students of Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration, MBA Evening and EMBA Programs may seek advance credit for not more than two required courses, which they may have successfully completed while being students in the Certificate Program. They are subject to the following conditions:

a. The student must have held a bachelors degree with 60% marks at the time of admission to the Certificate Program
b. The semester final grade in the course was at least ‘B’
c. The course for which the credit is sought was completed within two years from the date of admission in the PGD.

II. Students of PGD in Business Administration (Evening Program),who have not completed diploma coursework, can take MBA courses only as certificate students and may get credits for these courses in their degree coursework later, subject to the following conditions:

a. The student must have completed a minimum of 5 PGD courses
b. The remaining PGD courses are not available to the Student in the evening
c. The student is unable to remove his course deficiency in the Morning Program due to his/her occupation.
d. The student removes his PGD course deficiency as soon as the remaining courses are available to him/her.

Source: IBA Program Announcement 2012-13, page 39
Keywords: certificate, PGD, MBA