Attendance Policy

A distinguishing feature of the IBA is its adherence to the academic calendar. A detailed program is provided on the first day of every semester.
Students are required to attend lectures, laboratory sessions, seminars and fieldwork as may be specified for a course each semester.
The teacher takes attendance in each class daily. Late comers are marked absent even if they are late by a minute. No excuses are accepted.
If a student accumulates more than the permissible number of absences, he/she is awarded an ‘F’ in that particular course.
Full-time students are allowed 6 absences in a 1 hour course, 4 in a 75-minutes course and 3 during a summer course.

Part-time/evening students are allowed 7 absences in a regular semester (75-minute) course and 5 in a summer semester course.
Students are not allowed to remain absent on the first and last day of the semester. Serious action is taken against those who violate this rule.

Traditionally IBA allows 10% absences plus another 5% on teacher’s discretion for regular students and 25% for part-time (evening) students.

Extra Absences:

Full time students at IBA are allowed a maximum of four absences.The students can however avail two extra absences if the participate in IBA related extracurricular activities.This facility can also be extended to graduating seniors who have to go to prospective job interviews.All such absences are documented and approved by the patrons in case of an extracurricular activity and the CDC in case of a prospective job interview.The program director, after proper verification, consolidates and presents it to the Dean and Director for his approval as one consolidated request.

Source: Program Announcement 2012-2013, page 39
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