Course Load

I. The course load for degree program students is 6 in the regular semester. A student cannot take additional course(s) in any semester except in the final semester (BBA-VIII and MBA-IV). If a student needs to remove his/her deficiencies, he/she can do so by dropping a course. In the final semester (BBA-VIII and MBA- IV), a student may however take two additional courses to complete coursework.

II. The course load for MBA Evening Program students is 3 in the regular semester and 2 in the summer semester. The students may take four courses if they maintain their CGPA at 3.0 and above.

III. After the implementation of the ERP, the course load limit has been set at 20 credit hours.

IV. IBA also adheres to HEC guidelines for a minimum of 3.5 years for a bachelors degree award.

Source: IBA Program Announcement 2012-13, page 39


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