Transfer of Credits

A transfer candidate is defined as follows:

  • A candidate who has attended any of the top 100 universities derived from the international rankings compiled by Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Institute of Higher Education or by The Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) or Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). Course credits are also acceptable from Lahore University of Management Sciences, and Karachi School for Business & Leadership.
  • The candidate must have been enrolled in degree programs at these universities.
  • The candidate’s CGPA must be 3.0 or above on a scale of 4.0 or equivalent.

Eligible candidates may apply for transfer to any of the IBA degree programs with the following stipulations:

  • IBA reserves the right to accept or reject all or any such candidates.
  • The IBA admission test may be waived for such candidates.
  • Interviews would be conducted prior to admission if so desired by IBA.
  • A transfer committee appointed by IBA shall determine the courses to be accepted for transfer of credits of such candidates.
  • Transfer of credits will be applicable to those courses with ‘B’ or above grades.
  • A minimum of 50% of total degree credits must be completed at IBA.
  • Courses transferred shall be indicated in the final transcript as being transfer credits.

The grades earned from any of the top 100 universities of the world as well as LUMS, KSBL and the universities with which IBA will signing MOU's will be included in the calculation of the CGPA and such students will be entitled to compete for positions/medals. However the credits for grades earned from other universities will be decided on case to case basis but will not be included in CGPA calculation. Their positions/rankings will depend only on the courses they complete at IBA. This will be applicable for all degree programs at IBA.

The dropped out students of any program who get admission again by clearing the IBA Admission Test and other requirements will get the credit of the courses in which they had obtained ‘B’ grades provided they rejoin the program within 16 months from the date they had dropped out.

For transferring credits from one IBA program to another, if the course code is exactly the same, and the grade is acceptable the course will automatically be accepted in the new program.

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