Dean’s List

The Dean’s list is an honorary academic list carrying names of students who are exceptional performers in the Institution. The list is published at the end of each semester and carried in program announcement, portal and website. There would be separate lists for BBA/BS and MBA; all credit courses will be counted. These lists are also displayed at prominent locations in the corridor of the main campus of the institute and are updated every semester. A position on the Dean’s list entitles the concerned student for wearing of an IBA logo in a star on his / her ID card as a symbol of distinct identification which also allows him / her to avail the benefits such as book discounts. Additionally, the said special mark will be displayed on the Dean List achiever’s transcript and against his / her entry in the graduate directory.

The following would be the criteria for including of a student’s name on the Dean’s List:

a. The student should fall within the top 5% of class subject to having a minimum CGPA of 3.5

b. The student must not have C- or lower grades in any of the courses during the semester.

c. He/she must not have been subjected to any disciplinary action within the Institute during the semester. (Disciplinary actions would include all those actions on which student can be suspended.)

d. The student must be deemed by the Dean & Director’s Committee (Associate Deans and Director) to be worthy to be on the Dean’s List

e. Students must have completed the normal course load for their particular semester. As per IBA program announcement the course load for degree program students is typically 6 in the regular semester. A student cannot take additional course(s) in any semester except in the final semester (BBA/BS-VIII and MBA-IV). If a student needs to remove his/her deficiencies, he/she can do so by dropping a course. In the final semester (BBA/BS-VIII and MBA- IV), a student may however take two additional courses to complete coursework.

f. All courses, for the purpose of calculating a student's average, must have been completed at IBA.

g. The semester average will be calculated on a weighted basis and shall include all courses studied at IBA.

h. Students who obtain an academic semester average of 90% or more will earn the honor of Dean's List with Distinction.

Source: Urgent Meeting of the Academic Board, November 23, 2009 , Item 1, page 1