Examination Policy

Examinations play a vital role in the learning process of students. They provide feedback to the students about their progress in a particular course, and also help a faculty member assess their students' competency level. Examinations are used by IBA to assess, certify and rank students' performance.

Examinations at IBA come in various forms starting with the entrance test and ending with the comprehensive examination. For any particular course, there are usually from one to three mid-term examinations and a final examination arranged and conducted by the Examination Department, interspersed by announced or unannounced 'pop quizzes'. The duration of these quizzes is normally five to ten minutes. The duration of the mid-terms and the final examination is stipulated by the Examination Department and is usually one and a half hours for the (two) midterms and three hours for the final. Previously, IBA used to conduct three one-hour 'hourlies' at the end of each month followed by a three-hour final. As of March 2010, IBA has allowed the MBA faculty to choose between one or two mid-term options and also allowed to administer a mid-term as a 'take-home' examination. In case of a take-home exam also known as WAC (Written Analysis of a Case), the faculty member has to follow that up by an additional one-hour in camera examination that would also carry appropriate weight.

Since prompt feedback is important, IBA faculty has maintained a tradition of discussing the results of the mid-term exams in the first or second regular meeting after the exam and announcing the final results within 10 days of the date of the final examination.

Around 40% of the total marks are usually allocated for the finals, whereas the rest are divided among various components including mid-terms, quizzes, home assignments, projects, term reports, and class participation. IBA does not encourage the practice of 'choice' for the questions to be answered; all questions must be attempted in the final examination. However, the teacher may use the formula of n-m for the quizzes, in which the best m out of n quizzes will be counted.

The use of mobile devices is strictly prohibited in the examination halls.

In cases where a student brings a mobile communication device in the examination hall during the final examination, an ā€˜Iā€™ (Incomplete) grade would be awarded in the relevant course. The concerned student whose final examination has been cancelled for disciplinary action will have to appear in the examination of that course in the following semester without attending classes provided the attendance of that student was complete in the semester in which the paper of the student was cancelled.

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URL: http://iba3/BOG-Meetings/Acad_Board/MINUTES_OF_50th_MEETING_OF_ACADEMIC_BOARD_OF_IBA.pdf

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