Grading Policy

Student performance is evaluated through a system of testing spread over the entire period of their studies. In addition to the final examination at the end of each semester, students are tested through term exams, a series of short quizzes, class discussions, written assignments, research reports, presentations on different topics, etc. all of which contribute to the final grade.

A student usually sits for two term examinations for each course every semester (scores of both term examinations are counted towards the final grade). A number of surprise quizzes are also taken during the semester to monitor the performance of the students.

In determining the course grade, 60% of the final grade is based on the semester work and 40% on the semester final examination. However, the Institute reserves the right to modify these weights.

A Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA) is computed at the end of the semester. Final grades in each course are converted to grade points on the following basis.

Sum of (credit hours X grade points)/Sum of credit hours

The initial CGPA of the PGD/MBA students of the evening program is calculated on the basis of the first 6 courses taken by them. Withdrawals and failures, if any, are also counted.

Source: Program Announcement 2012-13, page 42


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