Improvement of Grades

In order to to improve their grades, the students are allowed to repeat courses they have successfully completed.

a) The better of the two attempts be treated as the final result and there would be no averaging.
b) The final CGPA would be calculated on the basis of the better of two attempts.
c) The new grade will appear on the transcript.
d) In case a student gets a lower grade than what he/she obtained previously, the old grade will stand valid.
e) A student who is repeating the course would be disqualified from the Gold Medal nominations and Dean’s list.
f) All course repeat cases for grade improvement would be charged for the additional course fee.

The Academic Committee has recommended treating “F” as any other grade and allowing students to improve their grades.
In this case the new grade will replace the “F” grade and will not be counted as another course.

The Academic Board approved the replacement of “F” grade with new grades obtained without accounting “F” in CGPA.
This would be applicable from the date the improvement of grades was allowed.

Source: The 52nd Academic Board Meeting held on July 31, 2010, Decision 3.17
Source: The 54th Academic Board Meeting held on April 02, 2011, Decision 7.4

Keywords: grades, improvement, CGPA, Gold medal, Dean’s list