Internship, performed during BBA 6 and MBA 2, is mandatory for all BBA/MBA students to qualify for their degree. Internships provide students with the opportunity to apply learning to real life situations, gain exposure to organizational settings and practice their interpersonal skills. An internship can be for a minimum of six weeks and a maximum of eight weeks at a stretch. It may be paid or unpaid. The following terms apply:

  • a) Only those students who have completed 100 undergraduate or 30 graduate credit hours are eligible.
  • b) Students who once accept an internship offer from one organization and wish to switch to another may only do so after initiating and obtaining intimation and permission from Career Development Center of IBA.
  • c) Any student who discontinues his/her internship without prior approval will be liable for disciplinary action.
  • d) The last date for the commencement of internship is six weeks before the start of classes.
  • e) All such students who do not receive any internship offer or who do not engage themselves with any offer presented to them will not be allowed to exercise their privilege of choice 15 days prior to the last date of commencement.
  • f) Any offer made 15 days before the last date of commencement to students will be considered as compulsory offer and students will have to accept it.
  • g) Students will be required to submit their internship offer letters or an email by their supervisor/HR department (official email account only) confirming their internship status within 2 weeks of starting their internship.
  • h) Students will be required to submit their internship report within 1 week after the completion of their internship.

Source: CDC SOP
Keywords: Career Development, internship, organization