A merit scholarship is available at IBA, according to which candidates falling in the top 10% of the List of Candidates admitted to the BBA & MBA Programs (to be published at the culmination of the admission process) will be offered a 50% reduction in their tuition fees, in lieu of participation in a work study program.
It will, however be obligatory / incumbent on all merit scholarship holders to maintain a CGPA of 3.5 on completion of two semesters each year. Inability to maintain the said CGPA will render the concerned merit scholarship holder ineligible for continuation of the merit scholarship in the remaining semesters.
In case a student loses his / her standing for merit scholarship, and regaining the required CGPA in any subsequent semester, the student will again become eligible for merit scholarship in the next semester however he / she will not be entitled to claim the same for the preceding semesters.

Deferment of the availing of Merit Scholarship
If a student opts to defer his / her admission, the merit scholarship concession earned by him / her is automatically awarded to the student who is next on merit. Consequently, whereas the admission offer remains intact for 16 months – to avail merit scholarship the applicants have to compete again with the next batch of students.

Source: IBA Program Announcement 2012-13, page 35

URL: www.iba.edu.pk/news/ProgramAnnouncement_080612.pdf,

Keywords: Scholarship, CGPA, merit, honors, admissions