Minimum GPA Requirements

A student must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.2 on a cumulative basis during their stay at the IBA. Any student with a GPA of less than 2.0 is dropped from the rolls of the Institute. A student securing a GPA between 2.0 and 2.2 is put on probation for one semester and required to improve his/her GPA and bring it to the required minimum 2.2 in the following semester. If the CGPA improves but remains below 2.2 the students are put on the second probation. The student is dropped if the CGPA does not reach 2.2 or more after the second probation. No semester break is allowed during this time. If a student fails to pass certain courses and yet manages to maintain his GPA equal to or above 2.2 he/she is allowed to repeat and clear the course(s) or substitute(s), wherever permissible, before the degree is awarded to him/her. The GPA is computed at the end of each semester including the summer semesters that a student enrolls in.

The Academic Board has decided that the CGPA of morning program students would also be calculated after they have done a minimum of six courses. The Academic Board further decided that this decision would be applicable from Fall 2012 semester.

Source: http://iba/grading.htm
The 60th Meeting of the Academic Board, held February 09, 2013, Decision 10.3

Note: If during the probation period a student improves their CGPA, but do not bring it to 2.2, they are put on another probation. If the final CGPA is below 2.2 at the time of course completion, the students are asked to repeat a course or take another course to bring their GPA to the minimum required for graduation.

For the Evening /Part time students (MBA, MS Eco, and MS CS) CGPA is calculated after completion of six courses.
For PhD (CS/MIS) students CGPA is calculated after completion of four courses.

Source: http://iba/grading.htm

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