Doctor of Philosophy PhD (Computer Science)
The Faculty of Computer Science of the IBA is offering PhD programs in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Robotics, Wireless and Mobile Communications, Social Computing, Operations Research, Information Security, Numerical Analysis and Computing, Multimedia & Web and Human Computer Interaction. Students may avail a full teaching / research assistantship which comprises of an attractive monthly stipend and full tuition fee waiver. The program is composed of coursework credits and dissertation credits.

Doctor of Philosophy PhD (Economics)
PhD program in Economics provides graduate students an opportunity to make a contribution in the development and application of knowledge in Economics. This program will also enable students to conduct quality research in their specialized fields. Students after successfully completing their doctoral degree from the IBA are prepared for careers in universities, business enterprises, national and foreign banks, government organizations, and multinational companies. PhD program in Economics is a full time morning program. IBA will offer teaching/research fellowship to all students enrolled in the PhD program for which they are paid a monthly stipend and tuition waiver.

Master of Business Administration – MBA (Morning Program)
The IBA offers a full–time two year MBA programs at the Main Campus and the City Campus. These programs consist of 24 courses of 66 credit hours cumulative. Out of these, 20 courses are compulsory and 4 are elective.

Master of Business Administration – MBA (Evening Program)
MBA evening program is offered at the City Campus. The prerequisite of this program is a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration. The duration of this program may vary depending on the capacity of the student to complete the course load each semester. Students must complete the entire course work within 5 years of completion of Postgraduate Diploma to qualify for the degree. This program consists of 11 courses for cumulative 33 credit hours. Out of these, 9 courses are compulsory and 2 are electives.

18 Month MBA Program
For those who have obtained a BBA degree from a HEC recognized institute will finish their Full-time MBA in just 18 months instead of 24 months (for Non-BBAs) thus resulting in saving of the tuition fees for one full semester and they can start working earlier. BBA graduates from IBA with the CGPA of 2.5 who have acquired two years of work experience will no longer be required to appear at the IBA entry written test for MBA beginning 2012. They will directly be qualified for the next round i.e. Interview, group discussion and essay submission.

MS Computer Science (Evening Program)
The MS(Computer Science) program is of 30 credit hours with a thesis or research survey option. For those students who opt for thesis, 24 credit hours of course work and 6 credit hours of research work are required. For students opting for course work only, 27 credit hours of course work along with 3 credit hours of Research Survey is required. The course work may be taken from multiple specialization tracks and a student would be required to take courses from at least two tracks. Specialization tracks include Net-Centric Computing, Human Computer Interaction, Software Engineering, Intelligent Systems, Information Management, and Theoretical Computer Science. Within a specialization track a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 courses may be taken. Each track has their own set of prerequisites which are usually BS level Computer Science courses.

MS Economics (Evening Program)
MS program in Economics is designed to provide a solid background in theory, quantitative methods, and applications appropriate to the needs of economists involved in private and public sectors' policy planning, analysis, and forecasting. This program emphasizes applied economics and the application of economic analysis to related disciplines. Growth in both the business consulting and financial services has generated a strong demand for economic analysts. One reason is that decision models drawn from applied microeconomic theory are particularly useful in analyzing a firm's business potential and determining the investment value of a firm. Furthermore, individuals with strong analytical skills are in a unique position to contribute to important operational decisions.
MS Economics program consists of 16 courses of 51 credit hours and a thesis of 9 credit hours. Currently this program is being offered at the City Campus as an evening program with the duration of two to two and a half years. However, the option will be available to students either to join the morning session or the evening session. If sufficient number of students is available only then the morning session will also be started. The work experience is not required for admission to MS Economics program. Option will be available to students either to join morning session or the evening session. However, if sufficient number of students is available only then morning session will also be started.

Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA (Morning Program)
BBA Programs at the Main Campus and the City Campus are full-time four-year bachelor programs. These programs consist of 47 courses of 141 credit hours cumulative. Out of these, 43 courses are compulsory and 4 are electives.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship)
BBA (Entrepreneurship) is a 4-year degree program; the program has been developed in partnership with Babson College of Entrepreneurship in Boston, USA. The Entrepreneurship specialization develops students’ abilities to formulate ideas, explore and create. It trains them to carry out in-depth analysis of disciplinary and inter disciplinary subjects, and enables them to get hands on experience in industry, by applying the knowledge and training to generate and sell their ideas in the real world, thus unleashing their potential and increasing their confidence, independence and creativity.
The curriculum integrates core business courses, social science courses and entrepreneurship electives which will enable students to develop the necessary skills to become entrepreneurial in thinking and practice. The program consists of 148 credit hours, including 33 core courses and 13 entrepreneurship elective courses.

BBA & MBA (Specialization in MIS)
Students wishing to specialize in the area of Management Information Systems (MIS) will be given a balanced exposure to business, computer science and MIS subjects. They will be required to take 12 core business courses (common with all specializations) along with 4 core MIS courses (from a pool of six courses) and six electives, which may be either business or MIS courses. In addition, MIS students will undertake a 6 credit IS project. In the first year, students will take courses according to the given schedule. After the second semester, the courses may be taken in any order provided the relevant prerequisites have been met. Normal course load is six courses per semester.

Bachelor of Science - BS (Computer Science)
The BS(CS) is a 4-year degree program that not only provides a rigorous education in Computer Sciences but also increases students' understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities. This program consists of a minimum of 137 credit hours, comprising of a combination of core courses, supporting sciences, general education, computer science electives and general elective courses.

Bachelor of Science - BS (Economics & Mathematics)
BS (Economics and Mathematics) is a 4-year degree program with double majors in economics and mathematics. It is designed to give students a solid foundation in both economics and mathematics. The program provides a well coordinated curriculum for students interested in pursuing masters or PhD in economics and mathematics. The program consists of 150 credit hours. Major disciplines of economics and mathematics have 54 credit hours each. The remaining 42 credits are for university core courses and courses from other disciplines like social sciences, management and accounting.

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration – PGD (Evening Program)
PGD is offered at the City Campus in the evenings. The duration of this program may vary from one and a half to three and a half years, depending on the course load taken by the student each semester. The student must complete the coursework in 7 consecutive semesters. The maximum course load for PGD students is three in the regular semester and two in the summer semester. This program consists of 11 courses of 33 credit hours cumulative, all of which are compulsory. This program leads to MBA (Evening) degree.

Certificate Courses (Evening Program)
Candidates interested in attending single courses of PGD and MBA, offered in the evening, are awarded certificates upon successful completion of the course. These certificate courses are available for people with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized university. Relaxation in this requirement may be allowed for candidates sponsored by their employers. These courses are useful for those who cannot join the full-length degree or diploma programs. Selection of candidates is done through an aptitude test. Students can have their status converted to that of visiting students, upon request, before the first hourly examination of the course.

Visiting Students Program (Evening Program)
The Institute also admits, without any perquisite, visiting students in single graduate level courses in the evening program, provided seats are available. These students are not required to take regular examinations. The visiting participants are awarded a certificate without any grade for attending the course if they maintain the attendance requirement.

Executive Education
The Institute combines with its program of formal management education, an elaborate program of management training for executives and professionals. These specialized programs are conducted by the newly established Center for Executive Education (IBA-CEE). The IBA-CEE provides opportunities to executives working at different echelons in organizations to enhance their careers by gaining knowledge and insight into state-of-the-art management techniques and technologies. Executive Education Programs consists of various training courses and workshops that are organized and conducted by the distinguished IBA faculty as well as industry leaders. Besides open enrolment programs, the Center also offers client specific training to organizations on their request, keeping in view their unique and distinct requirements. Organizations that have benefited from the Executive Education Program include private firms, small business corporations, multinationals and transnational corporations, government departments, defense and public sector organizations.
Source: IBA program announcement, 2012-13, pages 28 – 31



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