Registration SOP

1.0 Objective

The objective of this SOP is to outline the process of gathering and dissemination of academic program information to the students for the next year and get them to register for the next semester.

2.0 Scope

The SOP covers the academic program information gathering and distribution process for registration of all MBA students prior to commencement of the next semester.

3.0 Process

The MBA Program Director (PD) initiates the process of information gathering by issuing a standard letter to all the chairpersons. The letter goes out towards the middle of the Spring semester. This standard letter provides the chairpersons a format to use when replying to the letter. The chairpersons return the filled-out scheduled format within two weeks. The standard format includes the following information:
· Course Code
· Class Section
· Course Description
· Course Type – Core, Major or Elective
· Campus
· Teacher Name, if Available
· Prerequisites, if any
· Semester

3.1 Provision of Information

The information is provided in a standard format giving the details about the course description, course code, sections(s) to be offered, and the teacher’s name. The information also describes the status of the teacher (Full-time or Visiting). For courses requiring prerequisites, the list includes those courses next to the course requiring pre-requisites. The chairpersons provide this information for the next two semesters of the next academic year. For instance, in the Spring 2010, they provide the information for Fall 2010 and Spring 2011. Courses offered are planned in such a way that students wishing to take an advance course are able to take the prerequisite in an earlier semester. Since the plan is announced prior to the commencement of the semesters, there is the likelihood that some of the information may change later. However, the chairpersons are expected to provide the information as accurately as possible. Until further notice, the only exceptions to this rule are the courses offered in the freshman year. Here the students take a prescribed academic program already chalked out for them by the BBA program office. Summer term, not being a full semester, is to be reserved for offering make-up courses and electives.

3.2 Information Review

PD after receiving the information reviews it for accuracy such as course codes, sections, campus, etc. and consolidates them into a comprehensive list prior to the end of the Spring semester through a list of courses to be offered in the next Fall and Spring semesters. PD also prepares an introduction on behalf of the Dean and Director as a cover letter to go with the list. This letter includes specifics about the start of the next semester, programs to be offered and the timing for the ADD/Drop week.

3.3 Approval of the Registration Program

A week prior to the end of the semester, PD gets the Dean and Director or his delegate to sign the letter and the accompanying program schedule and releases them through the two program offices for publication and distribution. The schedule and the accompanying letter are posted on all the bulletin boards, placed on IBA portal and emailed to all chairpersons, faculty and MBA students. The respective program officers circulate a notice (Exhibit PD02-01) in all the class rooms advising the students that the academic program for the next year (including the next semester) has been released. This activity takes place in the last week of the Spring semester.

3.4 Registration

PD, working with the chairpersons and the two program officers, prepares a complete listing of all courses to be offered in the next semester. The list (Exhibit PD01-01) includes course numbers, course description, section number, teachers’ names, their status (Full Time or Visiting) days courses are offered and the campuses. They also prepare two time tables (one each for the two campuses) for the coming semester and include them in the information package to be released to the students. This information is published and placed on all the bulletin boards and loaded on the portal. The program offices send email notices to all the MBA students that the academic program for the next semester and the time tables are now available to them. This activity takes place two weeks before the start of the regular registration process for the coming semester.

The registration process starts (online) at least one week before the commencement of the semester and runs for one week. The exact dates of registration will be notified later. The registration process strictly follows the routine as under:

Day Start Time Who to Register
1 All day Senior MBA and BBA students
2 All day Senior MBA and BBA students
3 All day Evening students
4, 5 and 6 All day Evening and all freshmen, sophomore and junior students

It is imperative that no changes are made in the approved and signed program schedule and the time tables before or during the registration process. Any changes, if needed, are to be made after the registration process is over and students have been assigned to various classes and sections. Changes will only be made with the consent of the chairpersons and the PD.

3.5 Coordination and Communication

All faculty members should contact their respective chairpersons (rather than the program office) to request any change in the already announced academic program. The chairpersons, while making any changes to the already announced academic program, should contact PD and advised him/her of the expected change. These changes will only be incorporated in the announced program at the end of the registration process.

3.6 Add/Drop Week

The Add/Drop week starts with the commencement of the semester and runs for one week. During the Add/Drop week, students are allowed to attend classes to choose the particular teacher and section that they are comfortable with. However, this week is considered the first week of the semester and the teachers conduct the classes and take attendances as usual. Any absence from the classes held in the Add/Drop week is considered a real one and counted towards the total number of absence allowed to the students during the semester. The attendance for this week is however transferable. No change in the schedule or time tables is allowed during the ADD/Drop week. After the commencement of the regular semester, the teachers and the students may find it convenient to change the class time table with mutual consent. They may do so only with the permission of the chairpersons and the MBA program director.

Source: http://iba/circulars/soppd02.pdf