IBA remedial policy

  • All the students who have cleared all the admission requirements of IBA, will be asked to take a 'remedial exemption test'.
  • Those who do not clear this test will be asked to take remedial English and Mathematics courses before they are allowed to take regular English and Mathematics subjects in their respective programs.

Source: Admissions Committee Meeting held May 8, 2010,
The 50th Academic Board Meeting held on March 12, 2010, Decision 4.4, page 10
The 52nd Academic Board Meeting held on July 31, 2010, Decision 3.13

URL : http://iba3/BOG-Meetings/Acad_Board/MINUTES_OF_52ND_MEETING_OF_ACADEMIC_BOARD_HELD_ON_JULY_31_2010.pdf,
URL: http://iba3/BOG-Meetings/Acad_Board/MINUTES_OF_50th_MEETING_OF_ACADEMIC_BOARD_OF_IBA.pdf

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