Time Bar Rule

The students admitted prior to 2004 have no bound on years to complete their course work
and pass the comprehensive examination to be eligible for the award of their degrees.
However, a maximum of three attempts are allowed to such students to pass the
comprehensive examination.
The students admitted in 2004 and onwards have total 5 years in case of MBA and 7 years in
case of BBA to complete their course-work. Such students have a maximum of five years to
clear their comprehensive examinations. However, there is no restriction on the number of
attempts to pass the comprehensive examination.

For course-work, the period that shall be counted will be from the date of admission.
For comprehensive examination 5 years shall be counted from the date of
completion of course work.
For Evening Programs Students:
Maximum time allowed for PGD: 3 1/2 years
Maximum time allowed for MBA: 5 years from date of PGD completion.
Maximum time allowed for Comprehensive Exam: As above (no bound/5 years).

In case a student opts to do PGD only, then 3½ years time limit will apply otherwise there would be no time bound for PGD and Masters and the student could continue and complete his / her MBA (Evening) in total seven years time period.

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